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2018 Toyota Corolla vs 2018 Chevy Cruze

What would you do if you found out that the 2018 sedan that you had been looking at didn’t come with standard cruise control? You'd probably be surprised that such a new car doesn't come with such an old feature. You may start questioning how modern the vehicle really is. Moreover, you'll likely start to look at better options; ones with more state-of-the-art standard features. In your quest to find a better sedan, you'll probably stumble across 2018 Toyota models, such as the Corolla. As you can see in our comparative 2018 Toyota Corolla vs 2018 Chevy Cruze chart below, the Corolla doesn't fall short like the competition does. Rather, it provides its prospective owners with the modern and high-tech driving experience that they'd expect from 2018 model.

2018 Toyota Corolla


2018 Mazda3

$18,600 Base MSRP $16,975
Standard Cruise Control Available
Standard Adaptive Cruise Control N/A
41.4 in. Rear Legroom 33.2 in.

Main Differences – 2018 Corolla vs Cruze

The standard cruise control of the 2018 Corolla isn't basic, it's adaptive. What's the difference? Simply put, basic cruise control's only function—as you may already know—is maintaining the speed of the vehicle, which can be set and adjusted by the driver. Adaptive cruise control, on the other hand, adds a next-generation layer to this technology system. When adaptive cruise control is actively being used by your Corolla, it won't just maintain the preset speed, it will also keep a safe distance between your Corolla and the car in front of it. If the car in front of you slows down abruptly, adaptive cruise control can jump into action and reduce your speed in order to keep a safe distance between the two vehicles. In other words, adaptive cruise control helps with maintaining both your speed and distance, which makes your driving experience smoother, simpler, and significantly less stressful. Add the extra rear legroom of the Corolla and your passengers will have an added layer of comfort, too! With a next-generation driving experience as well as superior comfort, the 2018 Toyota Corolla vs 2018 Chevy Cruze comparison ends in a clear-cut victory for the Corolla.
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