View of tires stacked together

Is it time to replace my tires?  

How do I know when to replace my tires?  

Properly inflated tires will improve the braking ability and handling of your car, which will, in turn, improve the ride quality. Unfortunately, many car drivers tend to neglect their tires, and the wear and tear on the tires lead to unsafe road situations. Join us at Nashville Toyota North in Nashville, TN, to learn how to know when to replace your tires. Continue reading for more information.  

Tread Depth and Penny Tread Test 

In general, tires require at least one-sixteenth of an inch of tread remaining before replacing the tires, so you could conduct a penny test to determine the tread depth of the tires. For the penny test, all you have to do is place a penny in the tread’s groove with the President’s head facing you upside down. If the tread covers part of his head, you are safe and have sufficient tread in your tires. Ensure that you conduct the penny test at multiple tire points as the tread does not wear evenly, and you might get the wrong reading.  

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Image of a penny test being carried out
Image of a worn out tire

Alternatively, you could also use a tread depth gauge or check the tread wear indicators built into most tires marked as TWI and a small arrow on the side of the tire. Also, check for bald patches, cuts, cracks, blisters, and bulges on the tire’s sidewall as they are indicators of weak spots in your tire, and you could get a flat at the slightest instance.  

Look out for excessive vibrations, as they indicate misaligned, inflated, or unbalanced tires that could also lead to wear and tear of your tires.  

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